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Silver Gold Platinum Custom
Send To Friends Referral Window Features:
Customer never leaves your website
Customized referral for every webpage
Multiple referrals sent in one session
Brand the window with your own Logo or Title Text
Choose the background color or use a background image
Choose the text color
Choose the border color
Easy to use Code Creator for complete customization
Never any 3rd party advertisements displayed to visitors
Multilanguage support (Eng, Spa, Fra, Request Others)    
128 bit SSL Encryption to protect your customers    
Custom Requested Options      
Send To Friends Referral Email Features:
Referral link to the actual page being viewed (not just one URL)
Custom email subject line
Custom default email message
Copy of emails sent
Names & Email addresses only seen by you
Text email available
Professional looking HTML formatted email option  
Brand the email with your own Logo or Title Text  
Option to Specify the referral URL (default=page being visited)    
Multilanguage support (Eng, Spa, Fra, Request Others)    
Attach custom promotional brochure    
Custom Requested Options      
Usage Statistics:
Real-Time update of referrals by month of year
Real-Time update of referrals by day of month
Real-Time update of referrals by day of week
Real-Time update of referrals by hour of day
Real-Time update of list of most referred pages
Custom Requested Options      
Maximum email referrals sent per day 100 200 400 Request

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Silver Gold Platinum Custom
1 month periods $7.98/mo. $11.98/mo. $15.98/mo. Custom
6 month periods (10% discount) $7.18/mo. $10.78/mo. $14.38/mo. Custom
12 month periods (30% discount) $5.59/mo. $8.39/mo. $11.19/mo. Custom
5 year periods (50% discount) $3.99/mo. $5.99/mo. $7.99/mo. Custom

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