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Send to a Friend
  • Send links to the current page being viewed, not just one chosen URL.
  • Invitations sent instantly when the referrer clicks SEND.
  • Multiple invitations sent in one session.
  • HTML and Plain Text email options
  • Multiple tracking options.
  • Visitor never leaves your site.
  • Separate Send To Friends window appears to send invitations.
  • Complete customization of the appearance of the Send To Friends window.
  • Complete branding of the Send To Friends window.
  • Customization of the appearance & branding of the email invitation.
  • 128 bit SSL encryption of the Send To Friends window.
  • Ability to attach a custom promotional brochure to every email invitation.
  • Multilanguage support (Eng, Spa, Fra, Request Others).
  • Ability to have multiple Send To Friends buttons on each webpage, all with the same or completely different settings.
  • Ability to change button settings inside your account, and changes are instantly reflected in your Send To Friends window and email without having to change the HTML on your website.
Tracking Options:
  • Option for Real-Time invitation notice with each invitation by blind copy.
  • Review Real-Time invitations sent by day.
  • Review Real-Time invitations sent by hour.
  • Review Real-Time the most referred pages, know your visitor's interests.
  • Read Real-Time what visitors are saying about your site in the message of their invitations.
Custom Send To Friends Window Options:
  • Use your own Logo, or Title Header if you don't have a logo.
  • Choose your own subject line.
  • Choose your own default message in the message box.
  • Set the background with your own color or image.
  • Choose the color of the text.
  • Choose the color of the borders.
  • Customization is possible for each individual page that the service is used.

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